European City Tour (ECT) 2017-2019 – Erasmus+ KA229 Iskolai partnerség francia, német, dán és olasz partnerekkel

European City Tours (ECT) 



Three possible ways to create a palpable end product:

  • Designate an existing town – nearly anywhere on the globe – or a part or a district of this town and make students re-design it. Giving them an exact size (km2) and population is highly advisable.
  • Designate a bare place on the globe and make students design a new town on that very spot. Giving them an exact size (km2) and population is highly advisable.
  • Students design Utopia. They are free to place it anywhere on the globe, size and population is also up to them.

The five groups are responsible for:

  1. Geographical features
  • urban green and blue infrastructure
  • hydrography: surface waters, ground waters, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers both natural and artificial,
  • altitudinal lines: stormwater management? Does it go to a river or a lake? Shall we collect it in cisterns under parks for irrigation?
  • ground conditions: erosion, types of soil, etc.
  • solar positioning: position building roofs to the South
  • wind conditions: positioning of buildings considering the prevailing wind direction to be able to sweep smog out of town
  • flora: both existing and planted; new species? indigenous species? possibly concentrate on home species
  1. Infrastructure
  • roads for cars and other vehicles; cycle lanes; transportation related objects, like traffic lights, bridges, roundabouts, flyovers, tunnels, railroads, tram and trolley lines and lanes, carparks,
  • squares, public gathering places, places to sit and relax
  • telecommunications and internet connectivity
  1. Architecture

Depending on the annual climate of the place of the future town:

  • all modern architectural aspects of designing buildings
  • green and energy saving or even energy producing technologies included in a building
  • What are the basics of building a house today? standards? building materials
  1. Societal aspects
  • residential houses
  • community houses
  • office blocks
  • factories
  • shopping facilities
  • schools, nurseries, sheltered homes, hospice homes
  • buildings for another hundred different functions
  1. Sustainability

All aspects that cover all four previous areas. Although I am not at all sure how this 5th aspect could stand independently as all the four areas must automatically include sustainability.

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